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Rosie Velisavljevic has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years.  She earned her certification in comprehensive Pilates mat and equipment training at the Kane School of Core Integration in 2010 , and transitioned from her background in dance to teaching Pilates in 2011. 

Rosie has extensive experience with a wide range of clients, from elite athletes to those recovering from injury and focusing on rehabilitation. She has additional expertise in programming for pre-natal and post-partum women. Her  qualifications in a range of manual therapies and broad knowlage of anatomy and biomechanics allow her to cater a session unique to your individual needs. 

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Jeanette Wyche has always been fascinated by the body and how it moves. She was introduced to Pilates while studying dance at Temple University. After graduating and moving to New York she sought to help others move well and gain a better understanding of their bodies.

Jeanette completed her comprehensive mat and equipment training at the Kane Schoo of Core Integration in 2016. Since then she has broadened her knowledge by studying further with experts such as Deb Goodman, Irene Dowd, and Kuan Hui Chew covering topics such as prenatal Pilates, scoliosis, anatomy and more. 


Erin McFarland was first introduced to Pilates and Yoga while studying ballet and modern dance at university where her teachers drew on these mindful movement practices to foster balance, depth, and awareness in daily studies and performance. Erin has been teaching Pilates and Yoga ever since. 

Erin practices contemporary Pilates and Iyengar Yoga, applying neutral spine alignment principals to balance, align, strengthen, and even rehabilitate the body. Her unique method involves release techniques – deep manipulation, stretches, restorative postures, and visualization to unravel areas of long held tension – matched with strengthening exercises to awaken dormant muscle groups and reestablish optimal biomechanical movement patterns. The result is an open, graceful posture, full and soothing breath, easeful movement, and an omnipresent core strength to carry and secure the body in any situation.

Erin is certified in Pilates Mat, 500+ hour Pilates Apparatus, and as a 300 hour registered yoga teacher. She has training and experience with pre- and post-natal yoga and Pilates, osteoporosis, injury prevention and rehabilitation, scoliosis correction, Mind-Body Centering, and conditioning for dancers and athletes.

Erin thanks her teachers past, present, and future for their continued guidance and inspiration.